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Online Accelerator, the “Jungle” Academy and podcast to help everyday people become amazing entrepreneurs, more creative and successful in their career and life

We create entrepreneurs and better, more impactful, agile business savvy employees and individuals. We help people follow their lions and lionesses hearts for them to make it bigger and evolve in today’s rapidly changing world.

Who we help

  • Small business and tech entrepreneurs who are trying to launch a new product and grow their business
  • Corporate employees who need to become more entrepreneurial, agile and creative (Sales, Marketing, support functions etc.)
  • Inner-city and underprivileged talented and ambitious individuals who want to ascend in their life and become successful
  • Government and city officials through collaborations to help drive a more inclusive, dynamic and modern business ecosystems

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How Startupsinnovation helps early stage entrepreneurs explainer video

What we do:

A global online business accelerator: Your first product, team and results

We help you turn business ideas to reality and deliver tangible results through the leveraging of knowledge, new tech and our network.

We have developed online accelerator programs that have the particularity of being completely online which allow us to work with people from around the US and world. We are currently mentoring several startups and we help them sharpen their business cases, validate them, develop their first product, define their seed funding strategies. Our mentors are experienced business people and entrepreneurs.

How it works:

  • You contact us to participate and learn more about our accelerator programs
  • We work with you to understand well your idea, goals and define with you a game plan
  • For 60-90 days we work with you and help you make the progress you need 
  • We put at your disposal extensive knowledge, experiences and people 
  • We help you acquire customers and hand hold you as you reach out to investors to raise funding
  • Ultimately we want to see results: A product in your hands, revenue, funding or entering a larger top incubator
  • In exchange for sharing some risk with you we ask for an equity share, fee or commissions (Flexible)

Different programs for different stages:

  • “Early stage”: We help you develop and launch a first new product, service and create the base of a profitable businesses
    • Pitch presentation, business case and Market Research fit validation
    • Product and Brand design, specifications and build
    • Fundraising & investors, applications to enter Elite incubators
  • “Growth Hacking”: We help business owners grow their customer base and revenue leveraging insights and tech
    • Evaluation and enhancements to your sales and marketing strategies
    • Social media and viral marketing initiatives
    • Customer feedback and product evolutions & innovations
  • “Evolution”: We help existing businesses change and adapt themselves to the digital economy
    • Evaluation of the outlook and trends that is or will be affecting a business model
    • Support in modifying and exiting an existing business model for a new one
    • Improvements and innovations to help businesses with productivity and customer satisfaction

We make available to you an extensive network of mentors, freelancers, partners and investors lists 

Because there is often only a who between you and success we provide you with the “who”

  • We have an extensive network of selected, very skilled freelancers and organizations
  • They can help you at each and every stage of the entrepreneurial and business growth journey
  • Technical and creative teams to build your product, software, app, e-commerce, website, brand and sales process
  • Business Administrative teams to build your financial plans, calculate your valuation, research the market
  • Investors and legal teams to help fund you, split your equity, write up your contracts and more
  • Co-working places around the world to locate your business and teams  

Be prepared to witness the power of crowdsourcing with our amazing teams as part of our accelerator.

Startups currently in our pipeline

Description: Money Transfer app using Blockchain / Bitcoin

Stage: Product live and monetization in progress

Funding: $15k

Site: https://www.nutranx.com/

Description: Democratization of the private jet business

Stage: Product being developed and rolled out

Funding: In process

Site: coming soon

Description: Tech solutions to land your dream job (AI resume improvement)

Stage: Product live, currently accelerating growth, fund raising

Funding: In process

Site: Jobgator.io

Description: Online learning platform powered by Startupsinnovation.com

Stage: Product live

Funding: Self-funded

Site: Junglemy.com

Description: Early stage Urban Fashion Brand / e-commerce from Detroit

Stage: Product and brand being developed

Funding: Self-funded

Site: Coming soon

Description: Freight and logistic enterprise and software in Strasbourg France

Stage: Fundraising

Funding: $150k

Site: Coming soon

Creators of “The Jungle” Academy: New skills to lead in the new world

We empower and create new age entrepreneurs.

We also run an online academy called Junglemy.com (The Life Jungle Academy) on which we provide impactful courses and events on topics that are not always taught by schools, parents or other organizations. The goal of our academy is to take our students out of the “sheep” pack and allow them to master some new skills they need to become better entrepreneurs, better people, leaders in their community, for the companies they work for and for others.

Training links:

  • Link to training content and more FREE videos – View book
  • Link to exclusive book with foreword from Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur – View book
  • Junglemy.com: Our online course platform to go beyond just entrepreneurship and become a “Lifepreneur”

Courses and topics we cover:

  • Entrepreneurship, Business, Marketing
  • Capitalism and real estate investing
  • Healthy living (A better mind in a better body)
  • People and leadership skills
  • Entertainment Business

We work hard to make our content educating, inspiring, entertaining and useful.

Podcast: Interviews of successful individuals who shares secrets

Our Innovators podcast: We interview top entrepreneurs and innovators – Replay the interviews

Few facts

15,000 Hours of watch time
Interviewed VIPs like Jay Samit (replay here)
500+ followers
6 Startups in our accelerator program (Pilot)
2 HD Online courses (See here)
1 Entrepreneur starter book (See on amazon)
Our customers love us – See what they say
We inspired one artist to write a song for us! (Coming soon…)

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