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About: The e-book provides an overview of the key steps an entrepreneur needs to take today to accelerate and minimize risks when launching a new product.  Click on the above link to check out the interior and content of it.

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Contact us if you are interested in discussing the possibility to offer for FREE this e-book to your employees, community (meet-up group, local accelerator etc.) or company. We can provide you with a free download link, special code and even co-brand the e-book if that is something you’d like to do. For us, the more entrepreneurs we enable, the better.

Testimonials and recommendations:

“Apply Alistair’s teachings to get the most out of your early-stage entrepreneurial experience and magnify your chances of success – a good place to start before you incorporate your company”  Bernard Kress – Serial Entrepreneur, Microsoft Hololens executive, ex-Google Glass (and foreword contributor)

“Great job covering the foundational knowledge points of entrepreneurship. Any entrepreneur would find this a useful read” Ian Knowles – Venture Capitalist Spruce & Norton (NY)

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