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You can either get it in ebook version or paperback. Our ebook is the perfect primer for you to learn about the secrets entrepreneurs from places like the Silicon Valley know. We wrote while we were there on a business mission. For the price of a cup of coffee you will get a complete overview of the key elements that will empower you to succeed.

Buy it and if you don’t find it useful we will reimburse you! Our ebook has been endorsed by top individuals see for yourself below!

Hardcover $15 e-book $2.99

Book endorsements by top innovators and entrepreneurs:

“Apply Alistair’s teachings to get the most out of your early-stage entrepreneurial experience and magnify your chances of success – a good place to start before you incorporate your company”  Bernard Kress – Serial Entrepreneur, Microsoft Hololens executive, ex-Google Glass (and foreword contributor)

“Great job covering the foundational knowledge points of entrepreneurship. Any entrepreneur would find this a useful read” Ian Knowles – Venture Capitalist Spruce & Norton (NY)

We were also granted the authorization by Dirk Ahlborn, CEO of Hyperloop Transportation to use one of their prototype pictures for our cover after his team reviewed the content of it.

Readers reviews (From amazon)

“Read a bunch of books on startups. Alistair covers an important overlooked nuance of the types of ideas that can be developed. In his section on “Defining your startup idea. He also explains why you need to unpack this. In this section, you will learn how to launch your idea by preparing yourself with the necessary documentation and understanding so you can start reaching out to your first customers, investors, future team or partners.
He also covers seek to give first to receive. A very important spiritual principle of networking and in life. Read the book!” James T.

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