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Dear startupsinnovation community superstar,

We’d like you to help us inspire others follow your journey and learn from your own perspective. Would you mind recording a short video selfie with your phone in which you cover the following key points:

  • Present yourself and the /startup/idea you are currently working on?
  • Tell us how you found startupsinnovation and how it helped you?
  • As an entrepreneur, what is one of the biggest challenges you face?
  • Your recommendations to others who are thinking to take the entrepreneurial route?
  • One additional thing of your choice…(Favorites song that motivates you, a quote, an experience you had that changed your life a shout out etc.)

The video all together should be less than 2 minutes.

We would like to use these short videos on our social media (facebook) and website to help others see examples of cool and driven individuals like you that follow or work with us at startupsinnovation. This is also as a good way for an entrepreneur to spread the word a little further about what he is working on and increase also his following and network.

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Spotlight: Who we help

We have a great mix of entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds and skills, all driving their projects forward with some of our help. At the end, they succeed a lot because of them and a little bit because of us!

If you are interested in joining the fun and participating in the program contact us here


Nora Gay (Harvard JD Law / Financial banking)

Start-up: Nutranx

Sector: Fintech

Idea: Secure Money transfer between US to Haiti. Blockchain, Bitcoin technology

Product type: Software

Stage: Launching. MVP delivered in October, Go to market strategy execution

Funding: Seed funding $15k, Finalization of round two of funding

Investors: n/a


Location: Boston area, MA, USA


Carries Forbes (Marketing expert)

Start-up name: Gutsey

Sector: Healthy nutrition

Idea: The world’s first travel bars

Product type: Food

Stage: Growth. Product available via website and in various locations.

Funding: Bootstrapped

Investors: n/a

Site: Gutseybars

Location: Boston area, MA, USA


Kannan Mani (MBA Babson University)

Start-up name: UGather

Sector: Social networks / Event management

Idea: An online event management platform making it easy to organize events

Product type: Software

Stage: Pre-launch. Framing idea, designing prototype

Funding: n/a

Investors: n/a

Site: Coming soon

Location: Boston area, MA, USA


D. Mathieson (Business Excellence leader, MBA Duke University)

Start-up name: Strategy Rocks

Sector: Strategy services

Idea: Propose a range of capabilities to help identify and unlock hidden value

Product type: Consulting services

Stage: Pre-launch. Framing idea, designing services

Funding: n/a

Investors: n/a

Site: Coming soon

Location: Boston area, MA, USA


Ronnie Vitalis (Sports expert)

Start-up: 365 Never give up

Sector: Fitness / Life Coaching

Idea: Driving more healthy habits through an online fitness blog & coaching

Product type: Online & services

Stage: Pre-launch. Framing idea, designing prototype and business plan

Funding: n/a

Investors: n/a

Site: Coming soon

Location: Strasbourg, France


Eduardo Donawa (Entrepreneur )

Start-up: Digikuz

Sector: Clothing / Tech / Gaming

Idea: Several ideas

Product type: Software / Commerce

Stage: Idea framing, selection

Funding: n/a

Investors: n/a

Site: Coming soon

Location: Detroit, Michigan