About Startupsinnovation

Who we are

Startupsinnovation partners with highly experienced and qualified mentors, outsourced resources and investors who enable the execution of startup projects. Entrepreneurs select us because we help derisk and reduce opportunity costs of startup projects and for the quality and capabilities of our network. Investors work with us because of the quality and sophistication of our entrepreneurs and their business cases. Larger organization, governments and universities partner with us because we help them develop more effective innovation ecosystems and cultures.

Why we exist

The entrepreneurial journey is a risky one and can be costly for those investing their time or money. We help derisk startup projects by providing early stage acceleration services. Start-ups most common points of failure are a) Lack of entrepreneurial fundamental knowledge (for very early stage entrepreneurs) b) lack of market research c) lack of teams that can execute and d) lack of funds. These are the areas for which we support entrepreneurs to help them accelerate their success or pivot.

Pre-accelerator training

We provide live and online pre-accelerator trainings helping early stage entrepreneurs learn about the process to launch a startup, raise funds more effectively and prepare them to the types of challenges they will have to overcome. Our training helps entrepreneurs augment their chances to be be taken in high caliber accelerator programs and will ensure they’ll have the fundamental knowledge needed to face sophisticated investors and work well with experienced individuals from startup ecosystems.

  • Training offering – Pick and choose your formula here
    • One on one Startup founder / team training (From $499)
    • 4h online training introducing you to startups and innovation ecosystems ($70)
    • Once a month live and online group classes ($90)

Exam and certificate of completion available on request.

  • A starter book for very early stage (Newbies) entrepreneurs ($17) – order here

Who takes our trainings:

  • New Entrepreneurs with an idea who want to learn how to launch and build a solid business case
  • Entrepreneurs looking to augment their chances of funding & accelerator application acceptance
  • Corporate employees / innovators who want to learn the startup way of creating new solutions

Acceleration services

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The accelerator program

We offer a 3-month highly effective program designed to help derisk your startup journey, bullet proof your business idea, deepen your understanding of your market, build your team, network, product and raise the funds you needed to ensure a successful launch and growth. We carefully select a talented team of startup advisors who partner with the entrepreneurs enrolled in the program. Services are rendered for a fee based on the type of work required and in some cases we take an equity share in the startups with whom we collaborate, share risks and help fund.

Ask for pricing / questions at: alistair@startupsinnovation.com

Program overview – what to expect

An expert lead Mentor/Advisor is assigned to your project who helps you depending on you needs on the following:

Idea evaluation & networking:

– Startup project review & evaluation of needs
– Team needs & early introductions to our network

– Market research & validation
– Financial planning
– Pitch presentation elaboration and coaching
– Fundraising strategy / due diligence support

– Requirements / design / Customer engagement
– Prototyping / manufacturing planning
– Legal structure and Intellectual property
– Fundraising strategy / due diligence support

– Branding / Graphic designing / online presence
– Sales & marketing strategy (Including US / France intel)
– Customer acquisition execution
– Fundraising strategy / due diligence support

Mock pitch sessions with the startupsinnovation judges

Investor pitch sessions

“Graduation” event

The network

Expert advisors

You will be paired with one lead advisor and 3-4 more advisors as needed

With expertise covering all functional areas of the enterprise

Combined experiences of close to a 100 years+

Track record of helping startups and working with high performing firms

Highly networked advisors with US and global market knowledge

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Freelancer Resources / teams

Overtime we have built a solid network of talented and complementary individuals that collaborate with us and our entrepreneurs to make ideas become real and augment chances of success. Below is a short list of some of the skills we have in our network.

  • Market research & validation
  • Graphic and Web designs
  • Professional video editing
  • Software requirements & design
  • Prototyping & Manufacturing
  • Incorporation / equity split
  • Intellectual property
  • Business process engineering
  • Healthcare network introductions
  • France / EU network introductions
  • Customer acquisition teams
  • Funding


In our network we have access directly and indirectly to more than 100 investors and business angels. We continuously develop new relations with organizations and venture capital institutions who are interested in hearing pitches from entrepreneurs enrolled in our accelerator program. When entrepreneurs have bullet proofed business cases that will satisfy investor’s due diligence checklists we organize presentations and introductions to them.

Large companies executives advisors

Start-ups often have a hard time selling their products or partnering with large corporations. We have corporate executives in our network willing to advise startup entrepreneurs and help them position their offering to be more in line with large corporations expectations.

Corporate, government and education

Through our activities and extensive experiences in the world’s most dynamic places in the world that are Boston and the Silicon Valley we have developed deep expertise in what makes good innovation ecosystems and robust processes to launch new products to market. Corporate, government and education organizations utilize our services to learn and gain advantages through these very effective methodologies used in the startup world that we bring to them.

Contact us to learn more about our workshops and training and/or consulting work

e-mail: alistair@startupsinnovation.com