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Collaborative Online Accelerator Platform

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  • Business Development acceleration
    • We bring to you skills and knowledge to help develop and bring your business to market the right way
      • Pitch presentation development
      • Early stage market validation and research
      • Mentorship and go to market strategy development
      • Online presence and marketing
      • Fund raising companionship
      • General advisory role
  • Crowdsourced teams:
    • In our network we have selected partners that can bring the skills you need the most in developing a business in the digital era
      • Website, Software and app developpers
      • Graphics designers and social marketing advisors
      • Market Researchers, Freelancing sales acquisition teams
      • Management consultants and advisors
  • Training:
    • We provide trainings on the entrepreneurial science and process so you don’t need to reinvent the wheel
      • A handbook guide we wrote on the basics to launching a startup for early stage entrepreneurs
      • A complete training on the science of entrepreneurship and innovation in the tech era
      • You get trained as we work with you or you can take a class to accelerate your learning

Some start-ups we have been helping

Podcast: Meet today’s innovators

We interview top leading experts in Business, Entrepreneurship and Innovation

  • They share exclusive insights, inspire you and explain what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur and innovator
  • Because innovation doesn’t just happen in Start-ups we also interview “Corporate” innovators and expose you to these opportunities
  • From time to time we invite our community to watch live the interviews and ask questions directly to these VIPs

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