Product Acceleration


We help you take your idea to reality

Things we help you with

  • Ideation, pitch presentation and business case bullet proofing
  • Market research and validation
  • Customer acquisition
  • Branding
  • Viral and digital marketing
  • Fundraising
  • Monetization
  • Business processes (Starting with your sales and user experience design)

How it works

  • You schedule a meeting with us to get started and ensure we are a right fit for you
  • We evaluate your idea and stage
  • We accelerate your knowledge (if needed)
  • We define together the terms of our collaboration (Fee or % equity or commission on funds raised – per standards)
  • We share risks with you and have stake in taking you to the finish line
  • We introduce you to teams you need to make progress
  • We help you coordinate the work (example: Software development timeline, graphic designs etc.)
  • We help you identify your needs and help you deliver on your strategy
  • Ultimately, we are successful when you were able to take your idea to reality and make the progress you wanted

Set-up a meeting now


  • We have fully developed our accelerator program and are able to help entrepreneurs from across the country and globe (All Online)
  • We currently have 6 startups that we routinely help and are looking to add on more
  • Our help contributed to raising $175k in funding and we are confident in seeing bigger rounds of funding in the near future



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