Startups Innovation has organized training options to support your desire to explore further the entrepreneurial world. We've developed great resources based on our Boston and Silicon Valley experiences to help and empower the next generations of entrepreneurs. Early stage startup founders, aspiring innovators and organizations use our trainings to solidify their foundations and augment their chances of success.

Podcast Interviews

We interview for you people who've been there before you. Learn and expand your mind with this casual, educative, inspiring and entertaining podcast for entrepreneurs and innovators. When time permits we enjoy interviewing talented, most unique individuals who shares their perspectives on what matters in business and life to be more successful.

Startups Innovation Handbook

The Startups Innovation Fast Lane is an ideal handbook for anyone who has considered becoming an entrepreneur. The handbook takes the reader through the process that startup founders use to launch new products and companies. Available on

Online Training

To address everyone’s busy schedule, we offer online training modules that enable you to learn the step-by-step processes of becoming an entrepreneur in the comfort of your own schedule and home. Online training modules go into great detail about the world of startups, innovation, and opportunities available from the tech (r)evolution, including how to launch new products. At the conclusion of the online program, a certificate of completion is provided.

Personalized Sessions

Organizations, international incubators, corporate teams and large meetup communities can request custom made trainings in which we can share the insights that will be most useful to them.

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