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Startups Innovation has published an array of training options to support your desire to explore further the entrepreneurial world. Based on our entrepreneurial and corporate intrapreneurial experiences, we have developed a series of valuable resources to help and empower the next generations of entrepreneurs. Early stage startup founders, aspiring innovators and organizations use our resources to solidify their foundations and augment their chances of success.


The Startups Innovation Fast Lane

An ideal handbook for anyone who has considered becoming an entrepreneur. The handbook takes the reader through the process that startup founders use to launch new products and companies. Available on Amazon.com.


Webinar schedules for the Summer and Fall will be announced shortly.

White Papers

White papers will be available shortly.

Knowledge Seminars

Startups Innovation organizes seminars published monthly that are tailored to support the entrepreneurial community at various levels of interaction and sophistication. Each seminar is designed to be interactive and focused to deliver increased confidence and awareness to best practices and experiences that lead to personal and business successes. Corporate training seminars are available upon request and are customized to specific agenda objectives and desired outcomes.


Partnering with Entrepreneurs to Bridge Commercial Excellence