Sprint workshops

Sprint workshops

Our signature sprint workshop are here to help you and your team accelerate your progress fast.

How they work:

  • We plan what we want to accelerate with you and prior to the workshop day and time
  • We book the day and time for the event (Usually an entire weekend with you and your team)
  • We manage the workshop and ensure that we, you, your team delivers on the set objectives and deliverables
    • Workshops can be on any topics part of the product launch process e.g.
      • Creating & validating your idea pitch / market research / customer tractions
      • Designing your software / product specifications / requirements
      • Developing with one of our tech partners your product (Software or Hardware)
      • Even, mass contacting your premiere users, customers or investors

Why sprint:

  • Speed, experimentation and fast learning is the key to success (Think Mark Zuckerberg when he says “Move fast break things)
    • Amazing and most innovative companies adopt these types of methods, and agility
  • The rule for any entrepreneur / innovator is to either win or fail fast
  • Teaming up with us in these sprints will accelerate your learnings, progress and success

The approach:

  • Inspired by the Kaizen methodology for fast process improvement we created a workshop that helps accelerate and produce innovation more rapidly. (Kaizen = a Japanese term used in Lean Six Sigma and means “for the better”). It’s a method used to rapidly deliver change / results by putting all the right people in the room with a common goal to achieve.
  • We blended in these workshops, some of the training content, tools and techniques, processes we think are the most effectives based on deep experiences in the business world.
  • To learn more simply contact us or if you are sold and want to start accelerating book some time to discuss below

How much do we charge:

  • We want everyone to be serious about their project. This is why we prefer folks that are willing to invest in their ideas.
  • We know that these are the ones that will be focused during the workshops, and deliver on results given the investment they made
  • Pricing can varies depending on the number of days, number of people, focus on the workshop – Contact us for more information


“Great things in business are never done by one person, they are done by a team of people” Steve Jobs

Launching a product is very hard. One of the hardest element of the process is to find the right talent and teams that can help with that.

We have built a complementary network of selected, talented individuals and partners that can help in all aspect of the product development and company launch and at different terms or price points.

Who we have in our network (examples):

We continuously expand our network and teams who can help and are willing to help entrepreneurs. (And understand entrepreneurship)

  • Software developers
  • Top entrepreneurs / potential advisors
  • Investors / Investor databases
  • Graphic designers
  • CAD Designers
  • Manufacturing partners
  • Lawyers
  • Immigration lawyers
  • Accountants
  • Corporate contacts
  • etc.

Should you want to get started with any of the above or obtain more information. Simply contact us with the form below and we’ll make sure we respond to you within 24 hours.