The startupsinnovation network

Crowdsourcing and collaboration is the future!

Overtime and through our extensive work with emerging and established enterprises we developed a high quality and reliable network of talented Creatives, Marketeers, business plans advisors and information technologists who collaborate to turn ideas into reality.

What are teams in our network can do for you…

Business Plan definition and validation

  • Market Research
  • Pitch Presentation
  • Early stage coaching


  • Valuation of project / company
  • Fundraising / Convincing strategies
  • Coaching and introductions

Marketing work

  • Logos, illustrations, graphic designs, Powerpoint templates, Social media banners, Memes
  • Video and Audio Production and edition
  • Digital Marketing Campaigns Coaching & Brand rejuvenation advisory work

Web development and e-commerce

Examples of websites teams in our network can develop

Software and Apps development

  • Full stack software development services (Complex and highly innovative apps etc)
  • Led by an innovation expert
  • Multi-price points, high quality services
  • Intellectual Property services

Legal Matters

  • Incorporation
  • Stock Distribution
  • Legal Coaching

Advisory and Management

  • General Business Strategy execution services
  • Dashboards, data analytics, Financial reporting
  • Management coaching / Project management



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