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We identify high potential startups, help them go to market, raise funds and achieve their growth goals.

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Meet our complementary team of advisors united to help high tech startup entrepreneurs

Alistair Schneider

Strategic Advisor

  • Startups and innovation ecosystems expert
  • Financial management and planning, fundraising
  • Program / Project management / Strategy execution
  • Operation management and excellence

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Darko Spoljaric

Strategic Advisor

  • Strategic Marketing
  • Business Management
  • Management Consultant

Chris Kalaboukis

Software tech & IP advisor

  • Software Innovation
  • IP protection strategy
  • Technology insights

Scott Miller

Manufacturing Lead advisor

  • Hardware manufacturing
  • Prototyping
  • Production costs management

What happens next...

During an introductory call you will be able to explain or pitch your business idea to our lead advisors who will in turn provide some preliminary thoughts and propose to you ways you can accelerate the success of your venture.


Who can pitch...

Our advisors are experienced and their time is valuable as much as everyone else’s. To ensure it is interesting for everyone we typically only accept pitch from startups who have a preliminary a track record of delivering preliminary results such as startups with one or all of the following:

  • Product mockups or prototype
  • Customer pre-orders or sales orders
  • Some funding (seed funding available, successful crowdfunding campaign, round A)

How we work with startups...

We partner with startups following a joint agreement that defines the terms of the partnership. Typically a mix between services billed to the startup company and a minority stake depending on the risks shared with the company.

Benefit from our network...

We give you access to a large and powerful network of key players, freelancers, international peer startup ecosystems who can help you in your journey saving you the time and efforts it takes to network and find the right teams to work with.

Investor connections...

We introduce the most promising tech startups to investors from our network. We also help prepare for these important meeting in order to ensure these are most effective for all parties and that only high quality startups and business cases are brought to our investors. Investors work with us for the quality of the startups that are provided to them and and the preliminary due diligence that our team performs.

Pitch in Boston...

Through our relationships and partnerships we can offer you the opportunity to pitch your startup idea in front of large and interested audiences of the Boston community so you can connect yourself rapidly with this one of a kind ecosystem.


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Send us a note to let us know about your interest in getting helped by us. Provide a brief description as to what type of help you need and the stage of your startup idea.