July 2016


Scott Miller CEO of Dragon Innovation – From funding to mass manufacturing.

In this online webinar event Scott will be sharing with us what it takes to launch a product from prototype to mass production, discuss key manufacturing trends such as 3D printing and more. This is a unique chance to get in front of a manufacturing, engineering expert!

Scott’s is founder and CEO of Dragon Innovation a company. Dragon is a unique, most modern start-up partner that provides a clear path from prototype through production with unmatched manufacturing expertise and trusted connections. Dragon’s has helped many start-ups successfully manufacture their products: including Jibo, Petnet, Arccos, Zuli, MakerBot, Coolest, Pebble, LIFX, FormLabs and over 100 additional companies paving the road for how new technology gets made. Dragon Innovation has been featured many times in the news for their novel business model in Techcrunch, Forbes, Venturebeat, Xconomy, Betaboston and has integrated teams in Boston, San Francisco and China!

Event was on July 20th 2016

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George Howard & Carlos Diaz of Music Audience Exchange – Smart Marketing for Start-ups, the power of influencers and artists!

Picture1George Howard (Co-Founder, key influencer and music industry expert – Berklee College of music, entrepreneur) and Carlos Diaz (Chief Revenue Officer) will speak about the new types of partnerships between the creatives of this world (artists) and entrepreneurs that will help accelerate your success as a start-up or company.  This event may help you be the next “beats by Dre” success story! Be prepared to talk about Geeks, Hustlers and hipsters, also known to be the new recipe for success.

Wednesday, July 13th (7H30 pm EST)

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June 2016


Gary Jinks: Hot tech, Launching new products in dynamic start-up ecosystems– Gary is the founder, managing director and chairman of the board of South Valley Angels, a serial entrepreneur, with expertise in the areas of business strategies, operations and product development. He regularly mentors for the Santa Clara University (CA) and accelerators in the Silicon Valley area. He will talk about what’s currently hot in the Silicon Valley, Technology wise, how to launch new products, and get funded. He also will share with us on his experience as a judge in a start-up competition in the middle-east.

Saturday June 25th (1pm EST).

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Chris Kalaboukis: Driving Innovation and culture shifts in big corporations! Chris is CEO of Hellofuture a full stack innovation consulting firm from San Francisco. Chris helps companies invent their future, he is named on 60+ patents, is a thought leader in the domain of business and innovation. He will talk about accelerating innovation for Corporations, how to drive intrapreneurship cultures, explain how serendipity can help and share his views on captive incubators: What works, what doesn’t, how to make it work!

Saturday June 11th (1pm EST).

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May 2016


VIP guest Jay Samit: The era of endless Innovation. Serial entrepreneur and intrapreneur, speaker, best seller author of business management book “Disrupt You”. He will talk to us about why, now is the time to disrupt ourselves, discuss the different technological (r)evolutions and the ongoing digital transformation of the world, and explain how this will impact you, your company directly if not already, how to change your way of thinking to become the disruptor and not the disrupted in this rapidly changing, exciting new world.

Saturday May 21st

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April 2016


Sheri Mason: Protect your assets, do what’s right. Sheri is a successful and very experienced legal attorney. She will talk about what are the key legal considerations entrepreneurs working on the next big thing should absolutely have on mind when working on the next big thing: From the way you will set up your business, to how you need to protect your assets (IP) and think about contracting with your teams, partners, investors etc. Presentation recorded on April, Saturday 23rd

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February 2016

Ian Knowles

Ian Knowles: Venture Capital, “must haves” to get funded. Ian is a Venture Capitalist and entrepreneur who founded the Investment firm Spruce & Norton. He will talk about the day in a life of a Venture Capitalist and explain what it takes to be a successful entrepreneurs and how to have the most chances of being heard and funded by investors.

Venture Capital, how it works, how to get funded by a VC firm (recorded on Wednesday, February 17th)

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November 2015:


Bernard Kress: Interview of Bernard Kress on start-ups and Innovation in the Silicon Valley

Bernard Kress, resident of Silicon Valley, serial entrepreneur and Executive at Microsoft, with a background in optical engineering with emphasis on micro-optics and holographic technologies, applied to Virtual reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Smart glasses products. Bernard is also a professor at University, instructor of short courses, international conference chair, speaker (UNESCO), and author of numerous books on this technology (published by John Wiley and Sons, McGraw Hill). Throughout two decades spent in the Silicon Valley, he has launched numerous start-ups, helped develop several industrial and consumer products, and holds more than 30 international patents. He has worked lately with some of the most innovative companies in the world to develop some of the most exciting consumer products, such as Glass at Google [X] Labs and HoloLens at Microsoft.

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Kendall Minter: Celebrity and entertainment attorney explains the music industry disruption. 

In this interview Kendall Minder shares what happened to the music industry over the years since it was first disrupted by Napster.


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