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Each month, at least once we are sharing an insightful newsletter that will be sent by mail and published on our website for our followers to enjoy and read. It’s target is to help people think outside the box, get inspired and stay tuned to rapidly changing trends for them to cease opportunities. The newsletter contains the following topics:

  • What’s new at startupsinnovation: Progress, New interviews, new content, training & program highlights etc..
  • Inspiring quotes: To fuel your entrepreneurial soul and motivate your teams, inject the culture of innovation where you are!
  • Reliable, applicable information:
    • Venture Capital: One interesting “smart money” move or news you need to know
    • Innovation tips: One “zoom in” a specific topic important to know to the innovator’s journey
    • Tech and market disruptions: One (r)evolution that represent a major threat and opportunity
  • A dose of fun: “You’ve never seen a great idea from someone in a bad mood” (Jay Samit) we’ll that is exactly right and this is why we’ll also be sharing with you something different, funny, artistic, you’ll see. This is the surprise section!


Contributing is a great way to gain exposure, network, see what people think about some of your thoughts and be able to show some posting credits, in case it is your goal to one day posts as an influencer on more established platform. We are an emerging platform and we love it because growth is the only thing we see.

  • Who can contribute?

    • Leading experts and influencers: We’ll give you a special status and recognition (VIP Badge)
    • An emerging talent & hard working individual: We’ll help you get more exposure & visibility to your work (Spotlight)

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  • What to share?

    • You have articles you think matches the content of our newsletter? Send along for review and we will share…
    • You want to write a new article and post it on startupsinnovation? We’d be honored of that, send us your idea…
    • You come across articles from others that you think needs sharing? We’ll send these through and let’s discuss…
    • You think you can approach and interview a top influencer? Tell us who and if it makes sense. Let’s go…
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  • Recognition & build of your innovator’s brand..

    • Each of your posts will be shown as yours: With your name, a link back to you, and any other information as applicable
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    • Make yourself seen more online. Connect with people, share ideas and find new opportunities..
  • How to send us your content?

    • Send us your content via email (after you have contacted us if it is your first time using the below contact form)
    • We can also give you an author access to our platform for you to post directly content
      • Important:
        • For each send tell us: What it is (2-3 lines), Why you think it is important (3-5 lines) – We will include this in the posts
        • If you haven’t worked with us before: Send us a short bio and what you are hoping to get out of working with startupsinnovation. For us it is important that everybody wins so it is important to know that so we can ensure we don’t fall short on expectations.
  • Why us?

    • We are a growing platform that shares content on start-ups, innovation and we are building a brand around helping entrepreneurs, established businesses and regional ecosystem development leaders in Boston and beyond. We have a growing following and have accomplished quite a bit since we started: See our snapshot of key  accomplishment we are proud to report to date and we see growth everyday since there is a high demand for entrepreneurship at the present time.

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