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Episodes playlist

Episode #1: Jay Samit – Serial entrepreneur & best selling author on how to seize massive opportunities

Jay Samit is the undisputable world authority on digital and self-disruption. Head of Deloitte Digital, a serial entrepreneur. In this interview he shares his secrets he learned from working with household names and billionaires such as Reid Hoffman, Bill Gates and more…

Visit Jay’s site here:

Episode #2: Ian Knowles – Venture Capitalist (VC) from New York explains how VCs think

Ian Knowles is an venture capitalist and entrepreneur from New York. In this interview he shares how VCs see the world and think. A very helpful interview to understand better how investors think as you start thinking of fundraising for your start-up.


Ian’s website:

Episode #3: Sheri Mason – Lawyer at Boston law firm explains the legal matters that entrepreneurs should know as they launch their business.

Sheri Mason is a highly experienced start-up / business lawyer from the region of Boston which is one of the most prominent and dynamic start-up and innovation ecosystem in the world. In this interview she explains the legal matters that all startup entrepreneurs should know.


Episode #4: Scott Miller – Manufacturing guru and founder / CEO of dragon innovation explains how to take your hardware product idea to reality

Scott Miller is a manufacturing and robotic engineer who worked for top companies such as i-robot. He founded and runs Dragon Innovation a top firm who helps seed & round A startups as well as larger established firms set-up the manufacturing processes they need to bring a hardware product to market.


Episode #5: Mike Norman – An exclusive interview with the founder of Wefunder the number one and pioneer equity crowdfunding platform in the USA

Mike Norman an MIT grad share with us in this interview how him and his team came about to influence Washington to let them open what is today the first and largest equity crowdfunding platform in the USA. A story that will show you that even regulation can be changed if you really believe in your idea.


Episode #6: Chris Kalaboukis – Serial Innovator with more than 60 patents linked to his name explains the ins and outs of innovation the Silicon Valley way

Chris Kalaboukis is an amazing individual. An innovator, futurist with a software engineer background. He works with large established firms to help them innovate more. In this interview he shares with us a thorough introduction of what innovation is and how to innovate more.


Episode #7: Stacey Alcorn – Female serial entrepreneur shares her secrets to building a multi-million dollars business

Stacey Alcorn is a one of a kind serial entrepreneur and networker. She has founded several businesses included LAER Realty partners fastest growing real estate company in Boston. She also runs her own podcast and has interviewed three hundreds plus top individuals.

Episode #8: Episode #8: Bernard Kress – Microsoft HoloLens executive (ex-google glass) introducing few important concepts on innovation and entrepreneurship.

Bernard Kress, in this interview shot live at the Google Lab in Mountain view, explains what differentiate losers and winners in the innovation “game”


Episode #9:  Dave Berke and Flynn Cochran working for Jocko Willink (Navy Seal celebrity) explains the concept of extreme ownership and how it can be applied to entrepreneurship and life.

David Berke and Flynn Cochran both went to war and had to face some of the toughest trainings, places and adversity in the world. In this interview they explain how military discipline and extreme ownership can actually help teams and people be more successful in business and life.

Episode #10: Tom McElroy – World leading survival expert with millions of views on youtube on how survival skills actually helps you in business and life

Leading survival, primitive skills instructor, youtube sensation shares lessons learned from living in the wild and applicability to real life and business.



Episode #11: Benjamin Omesiete – The artist manager behind Flavour’s success (Flavour is the number 3 most successful African artist today)

The artist manager behind a global successful artist Flavour and how they to bring their music to millions


Episode #12: Kendall Minter – Music industry lawyer on music disruption

Entertainment lawyer on the music disruption (Lawyer of Stevie Wonder, Ashanti)