Online Training

Take our online self-paced “Startups and innovation” recorded video course – $90 (90 days access + certificate provided)

  • Access to 40+ HD Videos (about 4 hours) on innovation, disruption, the tech revolution and the process to launch a startup. 
  • Test and certificate of completion at end of training

Content of the training 

Key steps to launching a startup 00:06:00
How the course is organized 00:02:00
About the Presenter 00:02:00
The startup culture and definitions
What is an entrepreneur 00:04:00
What’s really a start up 00:03:00
The world of startups 00:04:00
The startup perfect game 00:05:00
The world of bigger enterprises 00:06:00
What is a startup ecosystem 00:07:00
Startups success failures stats 00:04:00
Fear and failure 00:04:00
The tech (r)evolution
How are companies born today 00:03:00
Why is innovation accelerating 00:05:00
Last 20 Years of disruption 00:06:00
Next 10 years 00:07:00
Company lifespan is reducing 00:02:00
Why innovation is good but also challenging 00:08:00
The future of 9-5 employees 00:10:00
Is the tech revolution really that big 00:02:00
Taking your idea off the ground
The key steps to starting-up 00:03:00
The mindset you need to adopt 00:05:00
How to find great ideas 00:04:00
What idea should you start with 00:03:00
Why and how to proof an idea 00:05:00
Find if your idea already exists 00:02:00
How to use a business model canvas 00:07:00
Steps to conduct a market research 00:03:00
Requirements of a pitch presentation 00:02:00
The perfect pitch presentation (Airbnb) 00:12:00
The important entrepreneurial formula 00:03:00
Networking & teams
Critical team roles 00:04:00
How to network efficiently 00:03:00
When does ego come in the way and the co-founder challenge 00:05:00
How to build your online presence 00:02:00
How to raise capital to fuel your idea
The process of fundraising and how investors think 00:16:00
Important basic legal considerations 00:04:00
Bonus: The Startup + Artist advantage
The Artist and Entrepreneur opportunities: Stories and examples 00:15:00