The Lifepreneur Program by startupsinnovation

Equipping millennials and generation z with base knowledge to succeed:

Learn: Get instant access to introductory online courses and short videos and audio from top credible sources that we selected and worked with to create digestible content on core to success topics such as…

  • Entrepreneurship, creativity and problem solving (Provided by Startupsinnovation)
  • Financial and wealth building lifestyles (Provided by Wealthbuilders-Nutranx)
  • Consumer and commercial Real estate investing (Partner selection in progress)
  • Stock markets and funds investing (Partner selection in progress)
  • Health and food sciences (Partner selected to be announced soon)
  • Globalization and cultures (Partner selected to be announced soon)
  • People, relationship and trust building skills (Partner selected to be announced soon)
  • The power of music and entertainment (Partner selected to be announced soon)

All in one place!

Engage: Ability to rate, comment, ask questions on the content, interact with others in the community and join the forum to share personal experiences.

Be amazed: We bring to you interviews and the minds of top individuals, entrepreneurs, artists, rappers, athletes, c-level managers, authors to help you learn directly from those who’ve been there before and for them to share their secrets of a more successful life with you!

Why take the program:

  • We, millennials and generation z were told to live up to our dreams but not provided the “how to”
  • Many speakers online are very inspirational but do not provide practical enough advice and insights
  • There is no time to read infinite content and it’s difficult to trust all the marketed content online

This program will provide you maximum insights from credible selected sources, in a Millennial and gen z format. We make it a priority and work hard to make the content we propose as fun as serious topics can be! Who said learning had to be boring?

Our pledge for quality:

  • All of our content is research and data based, rated by our users
  • We bring to you only what and who we think are amazing in their fields with extraordinary stories to tell
  • We work hard to make our content easy to watch, listen to, most helpful, direct, honest and fun

Who is this best suited for:

  • Millennials, Generation z, urban youth that want to take control of their destiny

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